Key Features

Unsure of what the Spatial NI platform can offer you as a NIMA participant?

A number of key features that you can take advantage off by using the Spatial NI platform are highlighted below.

Non GIS Users - Spatial NI NIMA Portal Map Viewer

Non technical users can enjoy the following key features by using our NIMA portal map viewer.


Choose from either the authoritative OSNI basemap or aerial imagery as a background basemap.


Our map viewer makes it easy to view data from multiple sources. Search our catalogue, view the items metadata and add content to the map.


Switch on and off layers or rearrange them in the layer list for a clearer perspective. Adjustable layer transparency gives you more control over what you see.


Quickly locate your area on the map by searching for an address and navigate the map by zooming and panning around. An overview map is also included to help you visualise your location.


Click on a feature from an added dataset to discover the information held for that geographic location. Information might include things like the townland name or address for a property.


Quickly and easily print your map to a PDF document using one of our predefined A4 styled templates.


Easily annotate your map and save these locally or share with others. Select the measurement option including your units to obtain the length and area for features.


Easily obtain the Irish Grid coordinates for a location on the map by using our coordinate finder widget.

Technical GIS Users - Spatial NI NIMA Portal Services

Technical GIS users can enjoy the following key features including being able to use services within GIS software and other web applications.

Web Services

Easy access to a range of OSNI and other mapping web services. Search the portal for data and leverage within ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.


Query by attribute or location the data behind the web services to see trends and patterns at a particular location or over time. *


Easily change the default symbology to a colour scheme that integrates with the other data in your mapping project. *


Download your selection to a local geodatabase once you have completed your analysis on the web service for further analysis or future use. *

Image Analysis

Ability to query our OSNI orthophotography over time, gain key attributes such as flight date and flight extent or complete analysis such as NDVI.


Integrate web services from Spatial NI within your own portal, ArcGIS Online or application to always have the most recent mapping data available to your users.

* - This feature is only available on selected web services.