Benefits of NIMA

The Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement (NIMA) provides a number of benefits to participants. These include:

Easy Access to Spatial Data

Providing easy access to the official definitive spatial datasets that are central in decision making processes.

Share Derrived Information

Providing the ability for NIMA participants to share information derrived from OSNI/LPS datasets with our NIMA participants.

Permission to Reproduce

Providing permission to reproduce the IP within the work needed to deliver the participants public task.

Sub-License Content with Contractors

Providing a mechanism to share the IP with sub-licensees. This helps keep costs to a minimum as the 3rd party is not getting charged for the data.

Guidance on Data Use & GIS

Providing easy access to guidance and advice on how to get the most benefit out of the IP via the LPS NIMA Support Team.

Guidance on Copyright Issues

Providing easy access to guidance and advice on copyright and IPR issues via the LPS IPR Team.

Why not check out some of our NIMA case studies which demonstrate how participants have benefited from the Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement.