Interested in saving time, making better informed decisions or collaborating with others?

A number of benefits that can be exploited by making use of the Spatial NI platform are highlighted below.

Decision Making

Spatial NI facilitates your ability to visualise, analyse, review and understand previously unseen patterns on topics that impact our lives.


Tracking down data can be a difficult task. Spatial NI makes it easy to find available spatial data with the ability to view it on a map or add it to your GIS software.


Spatial NI can save you time, a “one-stop-shop” – making it easy to locate spatial data and publically available web mapping applications.

Ease of Use

Using GIS and understanding maps can be challenging. Spatial NI makes this stress-free by having a map viewer that is easy to navigate and use.


Make use of our platform when and where it matters most to you. Spatial NI is available to use on all desktop and mobile devices.


Spatial NI provides access to a highly skilled and experienced support team who will be able to answer any queries on using our platform.


Spatial NI provides access to the latest authoritative OSNI mapping available so you can be confident that you are making decisions on up to date data.


The Spatial NI platform has been designed to be highly available, giving you the confidence that the mapping data you require will be available when you need it.


Collaborating on spatial projects across teams can problematic. Spatial NI facilitates the ability for many people to view the same content at the same time.